Thursday, February 10, 2011

2011 NFL Draft: Minnesota Vikings interested in two quarterbacks?

For the next couple of months, you’re going to hear a lot of speculation/hearsay/rumors leading up to the 2011 NFL draft. Teams will rave about players, players will rave about teams and agents will do all of the above. Players and agents do it for leverage, while teams do it to create a smokescreen. During this time of year in the NFL, you can’t believe everything you hear.

It’s no secret the Minnesota Vikings need a quarterback and they’ve made it clear they want to draft one this year. During the Senior Bowl last month, Vikings team reps were seen talking to Washington quarterback Jake Locker. The meeting set off a series of tweets, articles and blog posts – all with similar headlines – Locker the next Vikings QB?

It is very possible Locker will be the Vikings quarterback, but he’s not the quarterback they’re the most interested in. According to a person I consider to be a reliable source, the Vikings are very interested in two quarterbacks in this year’s draft. The first player is Blaine Gabbert. He’s a big, strong-armed quarterback from Missouri, who many believe will be gone before the Vikings pick at #12. The other quarterback is Iowa senior Ricky Stanzi. Stanzi is considered a second- or third-round pick, and many scouts believe he has the highest football I.Q. of any quarterback in the draft.

If the Vikings are truly interested in Gabbert, they will more than likely need to trade up in the first-round to draft him. As for Stanzi, he’s not worth a high second-round pick, so the Vikings will either need to trade down or hope he slides to the fourth round (Vikings don’t have a third round pick—traded to New England in Randy Moss deal).

Again, this time of year in the NFL is filled with speculation and rumors. But I believe, as of right now, these two quarterbacks are on the Vikings short list of potential quarterbacks.

The NFL combine is next week in Indianapolis, so look for more misinformation and manufactured hype. The NFL draft is April 28-30, 2011.

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  1. Well, at least the Vikings got some good production out of Moss.