Thursday, March 31, 2011

Crazy Things Happen When You Google Yourself

18,200. That's how many results you get when type "Matt Lechner Vikings tickets" into Google. It was surprising to see that many stories, considering I spoke to one reporter via Facebook.

One afternoon I received a Facebook message from Associated Press reporter Dave Campbell. Dave and I were college football teammates, sports writers for our university's newspaper and more recently, frequent visitors to the Metrodome on Sundays.

Campbell covers the Minnesota Vikings for the AP and on gameday sits in the press box near section 109 of the Dome. That is the same section where my family has four season tickets. Every game I usually stop and chat with Campbell about random things.

Long story short, Campbell was working with a group of AP reporters on an article about NFL season-ticket holders. He wanted to know if my family bought our tickets again and if the lockout had any impact on our decision. He contacted me via Facebook and that's how I ended up in newspaper and on websites across the globe.

Read the full story in the USA Today.

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