Friday, April 1, 2011

2011 Fantasy Football Scouting Report: Brandon Jacobs, RB, New York Giants

2010 Stats
 823 rush yds.
9 rush TDs
7 rec. / 59 yds.
0 rec. TDs
2011 Projected
 755 rush yds.
7 rush TDs
7 rec. / 55 yds.
0 rec. TDs

Jacobs won't get the same number of carries as a featured back, but he he will get a similar number of touchdowns. Despite splitting carries with Ahmad Bradshaw, Jacobs is valuable for two reasons: he's a true goalline back and Bradshaw fumbles too often. Jacobs scored nine touchdowns in 2010, seven inside the red zone. As long as Bradshaw continues to fumble (seven fumbles in 2010), Jacobs will get his chances in New York. Don't expect a lot of yards out of Jacobs, who has averaged just over 800 yards rushing over the past two seasons and watched his receiving stats decline as well. He is a solid number three fantasy football running back, with a potential to be a high number two if anything were to happen to Bradshaw.

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