Wednesday, March 30, 2011

2011 NFL Mock Draft 4.0

We are officially less than one month away from the start of the 2011 NFL Draft. While the labor dispute between NFL owners and the NFL Players Association hangs over this off season, teams are moving ahead with their draft plans.

Coaches, scouts and player personnel execs are busy crisscrossing the country attending pro days and mingling with potential draft picks. By this time, teams have made a list of players they covet and players they want to avoid.

Some shuffling did take place in this latest mock draft, something I expect will continue leading up to draft day.

1. Carolina Panthers -- Cam Newton, QB, Auburn

2. Denver Broncos -- Marcell Dareus, DL, Alabama

3. Buffalo Bills -- Da'Quan Bowers, DE, Clemson

4. Cincinnati Bengals -- Blaine Gabbert, QB, Missouri

5. Arizona Cardinals -- Von Miller, DE/OLB, Texas A&M

6. Cleveland Browns -- A.J. Green, WR, Georgia

7. San Francisco 49ers -- Patrick Peterson, CB, LSU

8. Tennessee Titans -- Nick Fairley, DL, Auburn

9. Dallas Cowboys -- Prince Amukamara, CB, Nebraska

10. Washington Redskins -- Julio Jones, WR, Alabama

11. Houston Texans -- Aldon Smith, DE/OLB, Missouri

12. Minnesota Vikings -- Tyron Smith, OL, USC

13. Detroit Lions -- Anthony Costanzo, OL, Boston College

14. St. Louis Rams -- Robert Quinn, DE, North Carolina

15. Miami Dolphins -- Mark Ingram, RB, Alabama

16. Jacksonville Jaguars -- Jake Locker, QB, Washington

17. New England Patriots (from OAK) -- J.J. Watt, DE, Wisconsin

18. San Diego Chargers -- Cameron Jordan, DE, California

19. New York Giants -- Mike Pouncey, OL, Florida

20. Tampa Bay Bucs -- Ryan Kerrigan, DE, Purdue

21. Kansas City Chiefs -- Phil Taylor, DL, Baylor

22. Indianapolis Colts -- Derek Sherrod, OL, Mississippi State

23. Philadelphia Eagles -- Nate Solder, OL, Colorado

24. New Orleans Saints -- Justin Houston, OLB, Georgia

25. Seattle Seahawks -- Ryan Mallett, QB, Arkansas

26. Baltimore Ravens -- Jimmy Smith, CB, Colorado

27. Atlanta Falcons -- Adrian Clayborn, DE, Iowa

28. New England Patriots -- Torrey Smith, WR, Maryland

29. Chicago Bears -- Corey Liuget, DT, Illinois

30. New York Jets -- Muhammad Wilkerson, DL, Temple

31. Pittsburgh Steelers -- Cameron Heyward, DE, Ohio State

32. Green Bay Packers -- Akeem Ayers, OLB, UCLA

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